Teh Garden in Evening…

June122011GardenbfLOI THOUGHT I had lost one of the parsley plants after forgetting to water one morning, but the one, sad plant seems to be bouncing back, and its taller parsley cousin is doing its level best to take over that corner o’ the acreage.

The cinnamon basil is by far the largest plant in the box at this point, followed closely (but kinda hidden in this shot) by the RosemarybfLOsage. The regular basil, not to be outdone, is looking quite nice and a bit aloof in its own corner; and the two tomatoes hanging below all are just minding their own selves and (hopefully) getting on with things.

The chives have taken to their new pot by the sliding doors,  and, along with the new addition of lavender, promise great things.

The rosemary, in its ‘welcome to our home’ spot on the front porch, is a bit small yet for cutting bits off and stuffing in chickens. In truth, I had a devil of a time even finding any this spring – finally deciding to try this creeping variety I came across in a roadside stand after a day spent scouring most of the local big box planteries.

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