Grilled Rib Eye Steak

RibeyeDonePlatebfLOThat extra courtesy coating o’ carcinogen on the steak is what Rich likes to call “a nice char”.

Still, don’t let the picture fool you – this was not a tough, dried out bit of shoe leather – the interior had a touch of pink (less than I GrilledPeppersbfLOnormally prefer, but not too, too bad), and the overall flavor was lovely. Ermmm, Rich HAS said, though, that next time he’ll watch the grill a wee, tiny bit closer.

Served with grilled corn on the cob and topped with red pepper strips that we grilled and then tossed with some salt, pepper, and roasted garlic grapeseed oil before serving, it made for a fine dinner on a picture perfect Monday evening.

Da Google gave me a start in how to do what to our two lovely hunks o’ beef, so I grabbed a bottle of Spanish olive oil and a few jars from the spice rack, and we were on our way…

•2 rib eye steaks
•1/2 cup olive oil
•1/4 cup spice blend:
I tossed in some of my chili powder, garlic powder, The Spice House’s Brisket of Love seasoning rub, and Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute to make the 1/4 cup.

SteaksGrillbfLOCombine the olive oil and the spices in a flat-bottomed dish. Add the steaks and rub the spiced oil well into both sides.

Set aside and allow to marinate for an hour – flipping the steaks if you think of it. If you plan to let the steaks marinate longer than an hour, cover and pop ‘em in the fridge for the duration, just allow them to come to room temp before grilling.

Brush a little olive oil on the grill grates and add your steaks.

Rich did these for about five minutes per side – they would’ve been perfect, we think, if he’d gone with three minutes, but the marinade still gave us tender and flavorful –  if with a bit TOO much of that ‘nice char’ – steaks.

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