Oh, Fudge!

KilwinsFudgeBoxbfLOI begin to see the attraction of the old ‘morning room’ – a place in some large homes that gets the morning light – usually a sitting room of some type.

Our home is most certainly not large, and it’s our dining room that catches the morning light; but sitting at the table with Shiloh napping under the table at my feet, and Cody in his favorite spot on top on top the table by the window, all seems to be right with the world…
CodybfLOI also begin to see the attraction for fudge – specifically fudge from Kilwin’s Chocolates in Saugatuck. We strolled in one drizzly afternoon after a rather forgettable lunch at that ‘Big Place’ on the block with the ‘Famous’ food named after itself.


Fortunately, the tempting treats and genuinely friendly folk at Kilwin’s brightened our collective mood and brightened our otherwise dreary afternoon.

Mark and Andrew passed on the glory that is chocolate – mostly because Andrew is allergic – but Bob and Don gave in, buying some lovely dark chocolate turtle things and something white chocolate and nuts on a stick.

B&DKilwinsbfLORich and I went for the fudge – extra crunchy (chunky?)peanut butter, and chocolate with black walnuts – and MY! is it good. I really am more of a savory than a sweet person – but real chocolate fudge made with real butter combined with that rich, slightly moldy flavor of black walnuts truly is a treat to savor. Fortunately (for me) – Rich has discovered that chocolate seems to be the main trigger to most of his issues, so I now get that whole, lovely slice to myself.

Now if I can just stay away from the extra crunchy chunky peanut butter slice…

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