stuff went BOOM!

TehGardenRainbfLOWell, maybe not BOOM! so much as SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! – and just a teeny, tiny bit of ZING! – and I am NOT talkin’ about that cool restaurant in Douglas!

TehGardenDownbfLOMonday morning, we had a bit of a ‘thing’ around about these parts – 70+ MPH winds, a seiche on the lake closer to the city, rain, hail – but no toads that I know of – that knocked considerably more than teh Garden off balance. Power went out, and remained so.

For a while.

YAY! Second time in less than a month!

Monday morning continued into Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning and so on. At that point, I counted the contents of both fridges and freezers to be lost. See, I had just recently scored some PRIMO CandleLightUsebfLOPortuguese-style garlic sausages (AKA: linguiça), and some truly lovely, ermmm, ‘fragrant’ cheeses that had, by the end of the day on Tuesday, joined forces and formed a united front of SMELL THIS! in the upstairs fridge.

By the time the power came back on, a bit past 10PM Wednesday night, I simply covered my nose, cracked open the fridge doors and cranked the temps as low as possible – hoping to at least freeze in some of the headier aromas before I tackle the beast with vinegar and baking soda sometime later today, Thursday, the day before the friendly trash folk come by.

Truth be known, we could probably not have picked a better time to be without power – the storm left us with clear blue skies, a light breeze, and fairly low humidity, so, ruined freezer contents aside, things could’ve been worse – just don’t ask me about the corporate ‘communications’ efforts mounted by our local utility. I have nothing but respect for the folk out there working to put things to right; but there MUST be a special level reserved in HECK! for the lying, incompetent flacks who spent most of their time revising (without comment) power restoration estimates and proudly trumpeting how many folk’s power had been restored. Note to the lying, incompetent corporate communications hacks: after you’ve wildly ‘adjusted’ repair estimates for the tenth time – people will tend to be skeptical. Just sayin’.

ShilohBonebfLO On brighter notes; Shiloh could’ve cared less about lack of power – as long as there was stuff to smell on the breeze and a sturdy nylabone (he likes the chickenz flavor) under the dining room table; Cody was happy with the open windows and his ‘Cody TV’ perch which allowed him to supervise all the comings and goings in the courtyard beyond the dining room windows; and I had some time to look through some cool vintage cookery books that a friend had scored for me at a garage sale.

Let me just say this about that…

I have some baked beans and a bundt pan, and I’m not afraid to use ‘em!

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