01LinguicaPkgbfLOAKA – Portuguese Sausage – AKA TASTY! garlic sausage.

You can’t swing a supermarket loyalty card without coming across some o’ these beauties in my old Eastern Massachusetts markets, but finding them around about our little edge o’ the prairie has been…

11LinguicaDonebfLOa challenge.

SO, imagine our joy at finding an entire row of these beauties in the meat case at our local Jewel!

Now, some folk will claim that chorizo is the same thing.

Codswallop, in my humble opinion.

We like our linguiça in sammiches (we do ‘em in beer and then pop ‘em on the grill – much the same way we do brats),  or cooked and added to pasta sauce (nice!). Anyway you choose to make ‘em, tho’ – you should seek out these tasty, TASTY! bits o’ meat.

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