Grilled Teriyaki Steaks

TeriyakiSteakRestbfLOI began putting these lovely little beauties from Costco together as an experiment after REALLY reading the side o’ the Gateway to the North Seasoning jar. I’d always zeroed in on the ‘maple’ bit, but looking around for a quick fix for dinner led me to these interesting words: “On beef, it provides a Teriyaki like flavor.”


We DO like a bit of teriyaki – and since we have yet to connect with Golnaz and Mehran to pick up the jar of Mr. Yoshida’s Bob and Don gave them to give us (we’ve all been wicked busy) – I thought I might see just exactly HOW teriyaki-like this mixture would be. I brought the steaks up to room temperature, patted them dry and then drizzled ’em with some olive oil.

Then I sprinkled a fair amount of the Gateway to the North Seasoning over them both and massaged it into the meat before turning the steaks over and doing the same thing to the other side.

SteakRubOilbfLOSteaks rubbed, corn slathered in seasoned butter, wrapped in foil and ready for the grill; it was time for Rich to light the Weber.


Rich didn’t MIND (exactly) the experiment idea, but he wanted to bring an extra bit of flavor insurance to the process.

SteaksRubSaucebfLOEnter Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey Teriyaki from the back of our pantry…

He opted to brush the steaks with the S.B.R. while grilling, and, since I step away from the Weber when Rich feels like grillin’, I concurred.


TeriyakiSteakGrilledbfLOThe aroma of meat and seasoning and teriyaki sauce on the grill was most certainly a GOOD thing; and the flavor was just about perfect.

Rich would’ve liked a bit MORE teriyaki flavor, but that can easily be fixed by a bit of advanced marinating next time – with Sweet Baby Ray, Mr. Yoshida, or whichever other teriyaki sauce we next have laying about the place.

Speaking of which – anyone know where I can score some Mee Tu Teriyaki sauce? The manufacturer’s web site sells it by the case lot (12) for $60 (!) – I think not.

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