It’s no contest – but we have a giveaway!

BBQJarsbfLObuzzyfoods barbecue sauce is da BEST!

Yeah, so mebbe I’m just a tiny bit biased; but by just about any standard, this is one fine batch o’ tomato-based slightly sweet and slightly nippy sauce to slather on chicken, ribs, burgers, or pork – and I’ve just finished putting up a batch of eleven half-pints, one full pint, and one kinda lonely mini-me jar (you can see how the half-pints have pushed it off to the side, the cheeky buggers) to see us through the last of the summer and into the fall.

BFNewLabelLOAnd, in honor of the new, improved, we’ve updated the label bands, just a wee, tiny bit, and think they look pretty darned spiffy. Needless to say, all older buzzyfoods swag (tote bags, mugs, t-shirts, mini-coopers) is now hopelessly passé and will needs be refreshed with the season’s latest look toute de suite – so order early and often!

EverydayRahaelRaybfLOWell, ermm, not really. We haven’t even gotten around to setting up the store button thingy, and besides, I am now torn between the Mini Countryman and the Fiat 500 with the sardine can sunroof – SO COOL!

What is also MOST. DEFINITELY. NOT. A. CONTEST. is this deal I have to share with loyal reader. I have in my possession two (count ’em, TWO!) free one-year subscriptions to Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine available to give away to someone who’ll give them a loving home.

Any takers?

As I said, this is not a contest, so there are no real rules. You want a subscription? You let me know – kinda soon, tho’, peeps, this deal is aging.  I have two to share, and will choose with whom to do so based on responses to this post between today and Saturday, August 20, 2011.

Also, as in past voting posts, this is not a scam to get your email and/or postal addresses and sell them out to some major multi-national company for reasons nefarious – this is just two lonely magazine subscriptions in need of a home.

Let me know, peeps, but SOON-ish.

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