Sweet Tea

SweetTeaReadVertbfLOI’ve done iced tea before – as part of Arnold Palmers – but this time it’s all about the tea; specifically, my answer to the sweet tea offered by that, ermmm, place just down even more streets than Starbucks.

Rich REALLY likes their sweet tea.

But, even tho’ we have at least two of these places just down both major streets leading away from our little edge o’ the prairie, we don’t need to get in the car just to get a glass (well, in their case, more like a foam cup) of cold, sweet tea.

Quick! To da Google!

And I was not disappointed. Teh interweb tubes provided a copycat sweet tea recipe that Rich is pretty darned happy with – even though I’ve cut the sugar called for in HALF. By the way, don’t let the label on the teapot in the pictures fool you, the only thing sunny involved in making this tea was my disposition – I am all about the ‘wave, baby!



•6 tea bags
•1/8 tsp baking soda – this will neutralize some of the natural acidity and bitterness of the tea and works a treat! Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.
•1/2 cup sugar – the knock off recipe I found for the sweet tea from that famous place down every street calls for 1 cup, and I’ve cut SweetTeaSteepingbfLOit down without Rich minding, but you do what you like.

Place baking soda and tea bags in a glass or ceramic tea pot large enough to handle the tea bags and two cups of boiling water.

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil (I use the ‘wave) and pour over the tea bags and baking soda. Give it a swirl to blend, then cover and let steep for fifteen minutes.

SweetTeaReadybfLOAdd the sugar to the bottom of a 2-quart pitcher and strain the tea over – don’t squeeze the tea bags to wring out any additional liquid – you’ll only be adding bitterness to your tea.

Add six cups of cold water, stir, and set aside to cool completely – if you put it in the fridge warm you’ll end up with cloudy tea. If you have rushed things and end up with cloudy tea – a little boiling water added to the pitcher should clear it up.

You may now swill some sweet tea.


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