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Our friend Bob (of Barb and Bob, not of Bob and Don, try to keep up) brought much more than his very tasty shrimp mole to our last game night – he brought two cookbooks along as gifts for yours truly!

DinnerFor2bfLOAnd not just any cookbooks – the 1944 7th Edition Good Housekeeping Cook Book, which had integrated notes and supplemental information added to the 1943 edition detailing possible ingredient substitutions and alternate cooking methods to conserve rationed or simply not-available commodities into the text throughout the book; and 1958’s Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two Cook Book.

LambCurryPagesLOSuch an interesting combination of books! Comparing the “Butterless, Eggless, Milkless Cake” on page 698 of TGHCB with “Dinette Cake” and it’s variations scattered throughout Ms. Crocker’s paean to convenience,variety and exotica – in a pretty mid-century way –  tho’ there seems to be a fairly authentic lamb curry recipe…

which is then paired with canned pears topped “generously” with ‘Sunshine Sauce’ to be served as dessert  – and I believe the brandy in said sauce could be an issue in some parts of India and Pakistan.

Irregardless – there’s much to be tried and tasted, tho’ I am pretty certain you will not be hearing of the relative merits of standard vs. no-bake prune whip on this particular place on the internets…

Croissants made from Bisquick, anyone?

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