Parfait! Chocolate Mousse



Laced with just a touch o’ rum and a nice hit of fresh brewed espresso, this was a pretty darned fine (and gluten-free) addition to our Thanksgiving dessert table.


The recipe I used called for adding granulated sugar, which I thought left a slight grainy texture to what should be velvet-y smooth – Rich thought it totally fine, until I mentioned the grainy bit, and then, of course, it was all he could focus on.

It’s too bad, to0 – there was a lot to like about this recipe:

It uses 3 whole eggs – so no yolk or whites left over to come up with a use for. Or, ermmm, slip down the disposal and feel a tad guilty for wasting perfectly good egg bits.

It makes a lot – I ended up with 8 really good-sized servings.

And, finally, it all goes together kinda quick like a bunny in the blender container – well, if you don’t count brewing the espresso and heating the milk.

ChipsEggRumbfLOSo, I believe I will keep this recipe, originally from some nice folk at, but will next time leave out the added sugar and see what happens. Mebbe then, this recipe will get a Best! designation (or perhaps even ‘wicked good’ – tho’ that is asking a lot).

•12 oz semisweet chocolate chips
•1/2 cup white sugar (or mebbe not)
•3 eggs
•1 cup hot (160º) milk
•1 tbsp espresso
•2 tbsp brandy or rum

MilkScaldedWavebfLOChop the chips in the blender a bit, then add the eggs, espresso and liquor and give a whirl to mix.

Heat the milk – I do mine in the wave by adding a wooden skewer, which keeps the milk from super heating and frothing over – a couple of minutes should do it.

Remove the little handle in the blender lid and, with the blender running, pour the hot milk through the hole and let run until thoroughly mixed and a bit frothy.

ChocolateMousebfLOPour into individual containers, cover with plastic wrap, and chill overnight. It will set up lovely and thick, if a bit grainy (gotta try it without the sugar).

With or without a gritty bits, this recipe makes such a nice, thick mousse that, if you prefer, you could probably pour it from the blender into a beautiful serving bowl to chill, and then spoon it out into individual dishes at the table.

Just a thought…

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