Curry, Cayenne, and Ketchup

ChickenCurryAndSaladPlatebfLOOK, this is just stoopid good.

When I first came across this recipe for “Loga’s Microwave Chicken Curry” on, I was intrigued; 5 tablespoons of curry powder stirred into 1 cup of ketchup? Then an added teaspoon of Cayenne on top? This was obviously not my great aunt Effie’s; I mean, where’s the mushroom soup?

Still, it looked silly enough to work, and far too easy to toss together not to try.

•1 cup ketchup
•5 tablespoons curry powder
•1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
•8 chicken legs

ChickenLegsPlateSaucebfLOCombine the curry, cayenne, and ketchup together and spread in a round, ‘wavable casserole dish. I used my home made ketchup, which is kinda thick, and has a touch more bite than store-bought ‘sup.

Add the chicken legs, bone in toward the center of the dish, and roll to coat in the sauce.

Cover the dish – I used a plate this time, next I’ll just go with plastic wrap – and ‘wave for 5 minutes.

ChickenCurry10MinutesTurnedBFLOTurn the chicken over in the sauce, re-cover, and ‘wave for another 5 minutes.

Turn the chicken once more and ‘wave for another 5 minutes. If your sauce is thin, you can leave it uncovered for this part to thicken a bit.

That is it! Beautiful chicken in a tangy, tasty sauce in about 20 minutes!

I had mine over spiced basmati rice with some freshly diced parsley scattered over the top. Oh, and a lovely green bean and romaine salad on teh side with Thousand Island Dressing.


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