BARcelona Tapas in Indianapolis

BARcelonaInteriorbfLOWe were going to be in Indiana for the weekend, for to pick up Rich’s mom (the world’s BEST mother-in-law, in my not-so-humble-opinion) for a visit with us up here on the edge o’ our prairie; and it worked out that we would also be able to spend some time with his brothers and all; Gary and Carole would be meeting us in Anderson, and then we would all gather in Indy with Larry and Lynne at al at this REALLY cool place a block or so from Mass. Ave. that, I am thinking, 2 of our nephews discovered; I was never totally clear on the provenance…

BARcelonaMenuSquarebfLOLet us be totally honest here. Tapas, and ‘Spanish’ food in general is not at all close to a sure thing in the land of pork tenderloin sammiches (NOT that there is anything wrong with that); there was even some discussion and questioning among the younger members of our party as to the difference between Mexican and Spanish cuisine.

BacalaoQuarterbfLOConfusion be DARNED – this food looked as though it was gonna be GOOD, and I was really excited to try it all…

I reviewed the menu on-line and decided that I was MOST DEFINITELY having the Bacalao – a codfish and potato cake (traditionally) made from salt cod. I cannot say if BARcelona made their Bacalao from salt cod or fresh (which, to me, would be kinda cheating), but OMG was it tasty! MusselsInRomescobfLOFollowing up the Bacalao with another seafood dish, I went for Mussels in a Romesco Sauce.


And, you do NOT know the definition of YUM! until a young, mid-west born and bred nephew, goes kinda crazy over some of the BEST mussels this not-so-young and most certainly not mid-west bred uncle has ever had, and then asks his folks if he can order another plate.


There would have been more and better pictures, but the food was just SO. DARNED. GOOD! AND, sometimes, family time is just family time; a good time to gather at a nice restaurant.

I ended the evening with a café con leche while all around me were Tres Leches Cakes and Flans and Bread Pudding and such; everyone was quite happy, I believe.

Now, back at home, with some jalapeñ0 cheesecakes cooling before I stash ’em in the fridge overnight, I would happily trade a cheesecake or three for some Bacalao…

Mebbe NEXT weekend…

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