Glazed, Grilled Ham Steak

01WhiskyMarmaladebfLOI had a ham steak in the freezer, and a lovely, fresh tub of crème fraîche from Trader Joe’s in the fridge, to take an updated stab at Ham Steak René.

The I came across this jar of Whisky Marmalade in the cupboard…

The price (and the basic price sticker) told me that I’d picked up this jar on one of my forays down to the European Imports Sale, which also told me that I might never come across its like again. What to do?

02MarmaladeMustardbfLOWhy, stir in some mustard and stuff, then slap it all on a hunk of meat and grill that puppy, of course!

Ermmm – not to say ‘grill that puppy’ in a literal sense, of course…

•1 ham steak
•1/4 cup whisky marmalade
•1 tbsp orange juice
•2 tsp coarse grained Dijon mustard
•1/2 tsp Aleppo pepper
•1/2 tsp Tellicherry pepper

Combine the marmalade with the orange juice, mustard, and Aleppo pepper in a bowl and pop into the ‘wave for 30 seconds, just to melt the marmalade.

Stir to combine and set aside to cool.

09aHamGrilledbfLOLay the ham steak out on a platter and apply the Tellicherry pepper to both sides, pressing it into the steak to help it stick.

Heat your grill to medium high (I used my kitchen grill, Rich didn’t feel like messing with the Weber this particular evening).

Brush one side of the ham steak with some of the marmalade mixture and place, marmalade side down, on the heated grill for 3 minutes.

10bHamPlatedbfLOBrush the bare top with more of the glaze, flip the steak, and grill for an additional 3 minutes, brushing with any remaining marmalade mixture as needed.

And that’s it – a fine and tasty dinner for two! We had ours with Jardnière and a tossed salad on the side with a bit of Tante Marie’s on top.

Oh, and if I cannot find a jar of whisky marmalade at the market when next I need it?

Da Google gave me a recipe…

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