Root Beer Ice Cream

11aRBIceCreamBowl03NICEbfLOWell… root beer SOY ice cream – we’re still trying to limit teh dairy stuff – and this is a REAL DEAL VEGAN recipe by Hannah Kaminsky via her blog, BitterSweet.

As a side note, ours is not a vegan home, but if you are trying to cut out or limit dairy for any reason, vegan books and blogs are a great resource for work arounds – and you don’t have to use the tempeh.

Now, let us return to a not bad bit o’ frozen (if non-dairy) goodness…

02cBoilOverbfLOBut, first. Remember Two Things:

Thing The First: as Julia Child once oh, so wisely noted: “Always start out with a larger pot than what you think you need” – see the image to the right.

Thing The Second: Don’t turn your back on this sucker for one second! Ermmm, again, see the image to the right…

01RBIceCreamIngredientsbfLOGot that? Good. On to the details.

•1 cup vanilla soy milk
•1 cup root beer (NOT diet)
•1/2 cup sugar
•1-1/2 tbsp Arrow Root
•1/4 tsp salt
•1 tbsp Root Beer Extract (look in the spices and flavorings aisle at your market)

03bBigPotWhiskBetterbfLOObvs, you could use real milk, or cream, even, but I rather happily happened to have a carton of vanilla soy milk I bought by mistake (Rich prefers Almond or 8th Continent Original Soy Milk for drinking or cereal), so that was an added bonus for trying this recipe.

Whisk the soy milk, root beer, sugar, arrow root, and salt together in a large pot, making certain that the mixture is totally smooth before turning on the heat – you don’t want lumpy ice cream.

04WhiskInExtractbfLOCook over medium heat – whisking a lot (remember, you do not want to turn your back on this pot – besides, it won’t take that long) until the mixture comes to a rapid boil.

Remove from the heat and whisk in the root beer extract.

Allow the mixture to cool down, then pop into the fridge to chill thoroughly before you churn in your ice cream maker.

08RBIceCreamReadybfLOI chose to pour my cooled mixture into my blender container and stashed in the fridge for three hours or so, then gave the mixture a good whizzz before adding to my CuisinArt Ice Cream Maker.

I let the machine work for 30 minutes, and was rewarded with this nice batch of dark, root beer-y goodness.

QuickLikeABunny, I packed it into a container and stashed it in the freezer to firm up for about six hours or so.

11dRBIceCreamBowl02bLOSO, how was it?

I have to admit, it was ROOT BEER-Y – a bit too, root beer-y, for me, all on its own.

Luckily, I just happened to have some Cow-B-Gone Vanilla Ice Cream in the freezer, and, as it happens, a scoop (or two) each in a bowl is a very good thing.

Think Root Beer Creamsicle.

Yeh, that’s what I’m talkin’ about…

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