Linguiça Sauce with Farfalle

LinguicaFarfalleVertbfAltLOHarken all the way back to last Sunday, and our tasty, TASTY Portuguese garlic sausages…

We were home from a long weekend away, and there wasn’t much fresh in the larder, or quickly prepared from rock solid block of ice in the freezer.


Aaaah, my precious little Portuguese-like tubes of spiced meat.

Add a jar of prepared sauce, a large can of good tomatoes, a few cans of ‘shrooms (I LOVE those coupons at Walgreens), and some balsamic roasted peppers I also had stashed in the freezer, and things are beginning to look a lot like dinner!

•1 package linguiça
•1 jar spaghetti sauce – I used tomato basil
•1, 28 oz., can tomatoes
•4 or 5 cans ‘shrooms, drained and rinsed
01LinguicaPkgbfLO•A good knob of frozen roasted peppers and onion – or one jar roasted peppers, drained
•Bay leaf
•Crushed red pepper
•Assorted other seasonings to taste
•Salt and pepper
•Farfalle, or your choice of pasta

First. Cook your linguiça. I did mine in the casings, but slit them to allow the fat to run. Break up as well as you can – tho’ I usually drain my cooked sausages and run them LinguicaSaucebfLOthrough the food processor to get them well and truly chopped – just a thought.

Add the pasta sauce, tomatoes, drained ‘shrooms, peppers and spices and cook over low heat, stirring and tasting, until slightly thickened. A dash of sugar wouldn’t hurt, or you could add a peeled carrot or two to the sauce for sweetness.

Good for dinner that evening – BETTER the next day.

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