And the winner is…

CoffeeVertbfLOWe’ve been running a taste test here on the edge o’ the prairie; looking for a decaf coffee that didn’t taste like something the cat dragged in (and not in a good way).

Fortunately, our local Woodman’s offers an assortment of bulk bean roasters and handy sample packs.

How funny that the first and the last of the six packets we tried were the best of the lot. Door County Coffee came in third and second place with their Sinful Delight – a nice, lightly flavored ‘flavored’ coffee – and their Medium Roast Breakfast Blend – I will probably keep a couple of packets of each around for after dinner and to mix things up a bit. The winner, for flavor, body and no nasty aftertaste was Berres Brothers Organic Decaf. The fact that it’s Fair Trade Certified would also no doubt make Rich’s nephew happy.

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