Road trip…

GeraniumsVertbfLOThis morning, we drove down to Anderson, Indiana to pick up Rich’s mom for a visit – she had just put some very pretty geraniums in the front window box. I have a very nice pot on the front steps. No actual plant materials in it mind you, but the pot is testimony to my ultimate intention of something vaguely green-ish happening out there before the first frost sets in.

Home again (it really was a whirl-wind trip), we picked up some Brown’s chicken for dinner, and are chilling for the rest of the evening; mom catching up on back issues of Yankee and Southern Living (I like to cover all the bases), Rich playing a Zombie Attack! game on his iPhone, and me waiting for the pot of salted water to boil so I can get the Yukon Gold potatoes ready to be turned into salad for tomorrow’s dinner – brats, onion, red and yellow peppers on the grill, beans and potato salad. I have a bit of buttermilk leftover from some chicken, so will probably use this recipe for the dressing. I think I read somewhere that the rule of thumb for boiling vegetables was – if they grow below ground, cook in already boiling water; if they grow above ground, add to cold water and bring to the boil. Agree? Disagree? Discuss.

That’s about it for my big efforts at Sunday dinner (I’m cheating and using Bush’s beans – sue me); and brunch is pretty much well in hand; the rhubarb coffee cake and marmalade muffins are out of the freezer and will just need a quick run through the oven once I’ve gently reheated the ham quiche I made yesterday.

Have a good weekend all!

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