The summer wind…

SundayBrunchAltbfLOIt has been a glorious day here on the edge o’ the prairie – sunny and temps in the 80s (95º if you believe the thermometer on our front porch – but I have always been a little suspicious of that particular gadget) and a light breeze keeping things comfortable.

RichGrillbfLOWe spent the day chilling with Rich’s mom – brunch at home, then a quick trip to Target, Kohl’s, Ace, and Walgreen’s – most of your basic retail groups, I guess. Back home this afternoon, I dressed the potato salad, have the beans doctored and in a slow oven, and onions, peppers and beer brats ready for grand grill-master Rich to do his thing (I told him not to have that last cuppa coffee).

Rich’s mom is relaxing and enjoying an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade half iced tea) and some crackers with pub cheese. I am ‘chillin’ with a glass of cheap chardonnay over a lot of ice – aaaahh, summer!

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