7 Mile Fair and Pizza!

7MileFairbfLOSaturday was StickyStuffySunless, but we had planned to meet our friends Bob and Don at Seven Mile Fair – ‘Wisconsin’s Largest Flea Market!’ – meh. I should’ve known from their use of Hobo for signage that the Fair and I were not meant to get on. Bob and Don DID enjoy their churros, and Don found a deal on t shirts for the gym. We also saw some adorable, but sad, puppies – BobDonPizzabfLOincluding Border Collies. We will stick to our decision to choose a shelter dog. In all, I’d like to think that we four dropped a buck fifty per to get into the Fair so you don’t have to.

We had planned to go back to Bob and Don’s for a cookout, but the weather changed the menu from steaks on the grill to home made pizza. Don already had the dough going in their bread machine when we got back to their place; so all they had left to do was BDPizzaCuttingbfLOroast the peppers, eggplant and ‘shrooms, sauté the onion, cook the sausage and drain the olives. Don changed into his ‘pizza tossing’ shirt (now Bob knows how the flour gets all the way up THERE) and dinner preparations were well under way.

As you can see, they don’t mess around when it comes to pizza toppings! The two finished ‘zas were great – the crust nice and crispy, the cheese gooey melty, and all the toppings combined into a wonderful tasting mouthful.

We contributed a couple of bottles of Pomula – a sparkling wine/pomegranate spritzer from South Africa that we discovered at a wine tasting at Cost Plus – and some nice frosted brownies that Rich made Saturday morning (from a mix, but still yummy).

We had planned to stay and watch a movie, but the rain we had been promised for three or more days finally came pouring down, and there were notices that the freeway heading home was going to be shut down for construction starting at 9:30, so we said goodnight to our hosts and Elmo – a lovable lump of black Lab – and headed home.

Turning off 41 onto Wadsworth Road, I noticed the lights were on and people inside at Captain Porky’s, our long awaited fish market, barbecue smoker and caterer – so I hope to have some samples to talk about from them soon!

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