Nice Pie!

FruitBasketPieDonebfLOI surfed, I baked, I ate. YUM! I think this recipe may be a keeper – tart cherries from Seaquist Orchards in Door County (I really wish their store had been open when we were last up ober by dere) and canned pineapple combined to make a surprisingly not too sweet bit of fruit-filled pastry. Actually, I think it could have benefited from a touch of ice cream, but in the interest of reporting results I had this slice for breakfast. I have no problem with martinis at 11:00 AM (while on vacation), but ice cream at breakfast just seems a bit too much like my college days. The ‘Crisco Method’ pastry was also wicked simple to put together and came out flaky and tasty – I may have to revisit my preferred butter crusts.

All in all, I am quite pleased to have this on hand to offer our guests this weekend – I think it’ll be a nice treat after tromping around the Milwaukee lakefront at Pridefest tomorrow.

ChickenPaprikaLOFlush with the success of this blast from the past, I am encouraged today to try another vintage recipe found on the web; I just really wish I had this baking pan!

In any event, dinner this evening is just us, so I’ll be cutting this recipe in half (except for the ‘shrooms – love the ‘shrooms). I’ll post the finished pics and our thoughts in the morning.

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