First Harvest (!)

TomatoHarvest07162010VertbfLOSo… maybe the First Annual Greater Metropolitan Wadsworth Tomato Festival and Driveway Stroll won’t be calling the masses to our door, but heck – we have tomato!

Actually, if I count the green ones, we probably have at least a dozen grape/cherry sized tomatoes – still not enough for our planned grilled pizza this weekend – but not too, too bad for my first effort at gardening since my pathetic zinnia effort on Freddy Road many, many years ago. Meanwhile, the herbs are going gangbusters – we’ve had pesto made from our own basil, provided fresh rosemary as a garnish for Bob and Don’s July 4 extravaganza of good things grilled, and of course, the chives have been more than happily sprinkled on top of chilled bowls of vichyssoise. I haven’t really done much with the fresh oregano, or the Mother-of-Thyme on the front porch, but both are growing well – maybe I’ll do an oregano bouquet for a dinner.

Tonight will be clean up the kitchen night – leftover meatloaf, pulled pork, and buttermilk roasted chicken thighs brushed with some of my barbecue sauce – all to clean up the fridge so we can experiment this weekend (YAY!). On deck? Grilled pizzas on the Weber with basil, kalamata olives, tomatoes and feta; maybe some haloumi too, if we can find it, on the side – Cypriot goat cheese can be surprisingly hard to find, but grills beautifully with lemon slices and basil. Hmmm, we may need to run up to Mars Cheese Castle – haloumi and kringle, what’s not to love?

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