ok_logoI was looking through past entries and what did I discover? I use ‘OK’ to start a posting a whole wicked lot – probably followed closely by ‘So…’ but Imma start slowly here to rectify things. Feel free to call me out on it if I go back to my slacker ‘ok’ ways. OK? OK.

Rich texted from the office last night asking if chicken sounded good for dinner, and I allowed as how it did, so he stopped in at Brown’s on Route 41 for bag of goodness. I actually prefer Brown’s chicken to that other place (it DOES taste better!) – tho’ in my heart, the other place has the superior cole slaw for fast food. I already had a salad tossed and crisping, so Rich picked up his preferred sides – mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits, and, I guess they threw ‘em in with dinner, corn fritters. Couldn’t call ‘em hush puppies – there was no trace of onion – but they might could be good dipped in honey (or, even better, honey mustard) – we’ll see when we have the leftovers.

BurgerbfLOToday, we had a lot of errands to run – and a lot of coupons – and I do love me my coupons – so imagine my delight when we decided to have a quick lunch at Stadium Hots, and I remembered I had stuffed a couple of coupons in my wallet! I normally go for the ‘one dog deal’ – but opted for the cheeseburger deal instead. YUM! Smoky, greasy, fast food tastiness – located conveniently next door to a Starbucks and a Borders. Sodas are served in styrofoam cups, ‘napkins’ are a roll of paper towels on each table. Rich prefers his fries with the cheese sauce (cheesy sauce? – not certain how much real cheese is involved), but I am happy with just ketchup. Their onion rings deserve a shout out as well.

That’s about it for today – it is way later than I realized, so dinner will more than likely be quicky enchiladas and refried black beans, I’ll save the hot and sour eggplant for tomorrow. À bientôt!

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