A Sunday to putter…

KitchenFruitbfLOIt is incredibly muggy outside – with the sun battling it out against the rain clouds trying to move through. So far, it’s mostly wind and empty promises, but still, a nice day to hang about the house and get to a few projects I’ve been pondering.

The eggplant and serrano pepper are going to be turned into hot and sour eggplant as an accompaniment to tonight’s chili glazed 08bPeppersJarDoFbfLOsalmon. The tomatoes are mostly to supplement my tiny (as of now) crop yield – we are planning on using them on a pizza with kalamata olives, basil from the garden, onions and feta cheese; which we are then going to grill on the Weber – but that’s a Tuesday project. The oranges and apples are just for munching – well – not the Granny Smiths – they’re actually pretty darned good fakes which I happen to think look good in a big glass vase.

03aPeppersJarOilCheeseTopbfLOMy main project for today is to put together a batch of marinated stuffed cherry peppers. Our last batch is long since gone, and I like to have them on hand for a quick nosh when friends stop by – the marinade once you’re done is also a treat with crusty bread or over pasta – oooh is THAT pleasant – add some fresh shaved cheese and maybe a side salad and you have a fast feast.

I am also thinking about making another batch of madeleines; using orange this time in place of the lemon zest. For my last batch, I adapted my favorite sugar cookie recipe – mixing everything all at once, and adding the zest of one lemon. They really did make for a fine batch of treats, but I think I’m ready to try a true madeleine recipe. Results and recipe to come!

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