Lesson Learned

PineNutsBagbfLOI am normally a careful shopper. I pay attention to ingredients. I read labels.


So, how stooopid do you think I felt when I was getting set to make a batch o’ pesto with the pine nuts I bought yesterday? 20 point type (can’t be much more obvious), right on the front of the label says ‘Product of China’. Now, China has given us lots of cool stuff (pot stickers, for instance – yummy, yummy pot stickers), but pine nuts seemed a bit odd to me. Well, all praise ‘da Google’ – cause I found several articles about Chinese Pine Nuts causing ‘pine nut mouth’ – a bitter taste that can remain for several days. And, to be fair, it wasn’t just pine nuts from China, other countries nuts were listed as well. It would appear that pine nuts from Italy have not been found to cause this mild allergic reaction, and they are not that much more expensive than the Asian imports – this 3 oz. bag was a touch over $5 at Woodman’s, and I know I’ve found Italian nuts for just a touch more at Jewel (I’ll post the price when I get back from the market).

As for this bag? I think the chipmunk who lives under our front porch will get a treat this evening.

PINE NUT UPDATE Both of my local markets had Chinese pine nuts, but were totally out of the Italian – which were running around $3 more per container. I’m not certain if everyone’s basil is going crazy like mine, and so it’s a pesto-palooza (sorry, I had to), or what, but I will try an alternate. English walnuts would be a nice option, but they are not on Rich’s approved nut list; so I’m going to try almonds; it’s all the same to the Cuisinart!

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