A Load o’ Clementines

ClementinesSummerbfLOOne of our local markets had REAL Clementines (not those ‘Smarties’ things) on sale last week; and I had to buy them. Of course, 5 pounds is a LOT of Clementines – especially when I’m the only one around here eating them, so it’s time to put together one of my most-praised holiday food gifts – Clementine Marmalade.

ClementinesSlicedbfLOThis is a wicked simple recipe, but it does require an overnight soak, so I’m milking, erm, following the directions (yeah, that’s it!) and splitting this post over two days. The fact that I’ve spent the past few nights eating leftover spicy eggplant and chili-glazed chicken and NOT cooking has nothing whatsoever to do with it. 😉

Ready?Slice 18 Clementines and two lemons thinly, removing the seeds as you go. I also ClementinesPotbfLOtoss the ends of the fruit – it’s good for the garbage disposal (ours is called Herman). I should also note that EVERYTHING (well, except for the water) you need to make this recipe is included in the above image.

Put the sliced fruit in a pot and cover with six cups of water.

Cover and let rest over night – the image above is from this morning, after the soak, and the aroma when I took off the lid was a wonderful thing.

For the rest, tune in tomorrow – it’s time for me to move the sprinkler and dig up those extra canning jars…

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