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Parfait! Clementine Marmalade

A short-ish season to enjoy the real deal Clementines doesn’t mean you have to do without… as long as you plan ahead and make this very nice marmalade while the tasty little buggers are available in the market. This recipe, … Continue reading

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Country-Style Ribs With a Citrus-Soy Barbecue Sauce

The original version of this recipe called these ‘Chinese-Style’ ribs and cooked them in the Crock Pot. I couldn’t really see anything ‘Chinese’ about it, except for mebbe the soy sauce, sesame oil, and ginger, and am not a huge … Continue reading

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Again with the Clementines…

I posted this recipe for Clementine Marmalade last summer, when imported Clementines were available in some of our markets. Now, we’re in the midst of Clementine Season for our home-grown little bundles o’ citrus-y sweetness, and I thought I may … Continue reading

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Clementine Marmalade

When last we left our plucky band o’ citrus, our 18 Clementines and two lemons had been sliced and left to soak overnight in six cups of water. Come the morning (but after coffee – I have my priorities), all … Continue reading

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A Load o’ Clementines

One of our local markets had REAL Clementines (not those ‘Smarties’ things) on sale last week; and I had to buy them. Of course, 5 pounds is a LOT of Clementines – especially when I’m the only one around here … Continue reading

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