Pompei – and the Mother of Garlic Dressings

PompeiSignbfLOAfter our day of shopping for food bargains, eating old favorite Mexican food, and then shopping for books about (yup)…food – we thought it was time to think about a little something light for dinner. Hmmm – I’m seeing a theme here…

PompeiCalamaribfLOI’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – ‘ALL PRAISE DA GOOGLE’ – we found a Pompei just a short walk up Michigan Avenue in Streeterville. Pompei (if you didn’t click on the link) is one of those old line-ish Chicago Italian chains – sort of a nice cafeteria with really good food. I happen to be a fan of their calamari, and that’s what I had for dinner – a bowl (which I shared) of crispy goodness drizzled with fresh lemon and black pepper, then dipped in the marinara. PompeiCreamyGarlicbfLOAnd yes, they serve (and we eat and enjoy) the tentacles as well as the rings. Rich also had the herbed chicken ravioli in a tomato cream sauce shown in the background. All was good for dinner.

Of course; the REAL reason I was so happy to go to Pompei is that they make (or sell, whichever) THE. BEST. CREAMY. GARLIC. DRESSING. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave me all alone in a dark room with a bottle of this stuff and a nice loaf of crusty bread and you won’t hear a peep out of me – well, maybe a deep sigh of contentment. This is THAT good (in, of course, my not-so-humble opinion). I could also add that at $3.50 for a large-ish container, it is a deal.

So, back at home, I have decided that today I need to make some Sweet Honey French Bread to tear into chunks and dip in this lovely, creamy bit of YUM!

Excuse me, the bread machine calls…

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