Travellin’ food…

LaborDayGoodiesbfLOWe’re hitting the road this morning – driving down to Indiana to get together with Rich’s mom and brothers – and I thought I’d bring along some goodies:

I experimented with the French Carrot Salad – not cooking the carrots first and using the CarrotSalad02bflolemon Dijon vinaigrette – I think I’m happiest with this version, we’ll see what folks in Indiana say.

A jar of marinated stuffed cherry peppers is always welcome, and I just happened to have a few jars tucked in the back of the fridge.

At Sur la Table in town last weekend, I found the plain, round cookie cutter I’d been looking for (for $1!) – so I made a batch of sugar cookies and split the batch between round cut-outs and dough baked in the madeleine pans.

08bPeppersJarDoFbfLORich’s family are all big fans o’ the bread – and with the bread machine and ten minutes to toss the ingredients together, Sweet Honey French Bread was an easy choice to add to the list.

And finally, you have bread, you should have something to put on it. Hmmm, technically, I guess the seasoned oil from the peppers would (and does) work; but I thought a jar of clementine marmalade would also be welcome.

I have got to get a food basket thingy…

CornedBeefHashbfLOOh well, goodies are gathered, and the bags are packed. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s Friday and we have to wait for the recycling guys to come by we could hit the road. BONUS – some friends of ours our also hitting the road this morning – driving to Toledo to welcome an old friend from Brazil to her new home, and we are all planning to meet at our old trusty Avalon diner for breakfast. If I am going to Avalon, there can only be one choice for breakfast – their home made corned beef hash on rye toast, two eggs over easy (yep, I’m livin’ dangerously), and some Tabasco for a little zip. YUM.

Happy Labor Day all!

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