A Feast!

GolnazFeastbfLOOur friends Golnaz and Mehran have family visiting, so they invited a bunch of us over for Saturday dinner – which ended up being a feast. Starting with pumpkin soup (Rich was surprised that I tried it and didn’t make a face). In truth, pumpkin remains on my list of foods I could happily never eat, but Golnaz spiced this nicely, and I didn’t hate it 😉 After the soup, we had some lovely orange GolnazJellobfLOflavored rice, ‘plain’ rice topped with pomegranate seeds, my favorite ‘burned’ rice, Golnaz’ special chicken, and shrimp and pasta with herbs and tomatoes from the garden. Yum.

Of course, after dinner, the treats came out – including the BIGGEST BOX O’ GODIVA we have ever seen! Actually, Golnaz assured us it is only the SECOND biggest box one can get – still – a nice dark chocolate appetizer for the dessert goodies to come. Along with the Godiva, Golnaz offered this colorful little GolnazChickenbfLObowl of jiggly jewels:

Yup – that’s Jello folks – and mighty tasty Jello at that. So cool to the eye, and Golnaz says it’s a cinch to make – only requiring time and patience.

Chocolates and rainbow Jello nibbled at, it was time for the real dessert! I should have gotten a picture – but Golnaz made a wonderful orange glazed, whipped cream frosted cheesecake – she was going to order a cheesecake from her favorite Russian bakery, but they use raspberries and she knows raspberries are right up there with pumpkin for yours truly – you’ll have to settle for a pic of Golnaz with her famous – and so, so good – chicken, wearing her new birthday jewelry and frock:

I have GOT to get that recipe…

Happy Birthday Golnaz, and Happy Sunday all!

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