Tie Poor Sue and the Meandering Beans…

ThaiPoorSuebfLONo, the Traveling Wilburys haven’t brought Roy Orbison back from the great beyond to perform an homage to Johnny Cash and roving legumes (tho’ how cool would THAT be?).

I was on the phone Sunday morning, catching up with my best bud Jen’ in Massachusetts. Vacations and holidays and trips and house guests and stuff like that had kept us from our normal semi-weekly chat – so we were talking about this and that and everything else when the topic of tonight’s dinner came up. She asked, I told; and there was this long-ish pause on her end before she inquired (rather calmly, I thought, given her interpretation of what I had said) ‘ermmm, who is Sue and why is she tied up?’


I had to clean up the coffee I spit out before I could clarify that we were having Thai. Pork. Stew. and Mandarin. Green. Beans.

Telecommunications misunderstandings aside; this makes for a wicked impressive dinner – in presentation as well as in taste – for not a lot of effort. The pork is tossed into the slow cooker with the peppers, seasonings and sauce mixture (teriyaki and rice vinegar) and left to mind itself while you go about your daily chores and/or errands – then you shred it, stir in some peanut butter, toss the Yellow Rice in the rice cooker and the walnuts in the sauté pan to begin the beans – dinner in a snap and you may have worked in, as did I, some shopping and a short nap – life is good.

And no Sue’s were harmed in the making of this dinner 😉

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