Game Night Update…

GameNightMunchiesbfLOWe had munchies, some tasty beverages, and then a game of Apples to Apples – well, most folks had a game of Apples to Apples; Bob doesn’t care for the game and I was showing him some of my favorite old cook books. Strangely enough, Bob WON THE GAME!

GreenChileSaucebfLOYes, we had two Bobs…

After the game, we all headed back to the table for grilled hot dogs with (from top to bottom left-ish to right in the pic) green chile sauce, black bean salad, or kimchi. I have to say that most folks went for the green chile sauce on their dogs with a slice o’ cheese and were quite happy with their choice (Kirsten went for the corn tortillas as dog holder). They also had the black beans and the kimchi as sides and seemed pleased KimchibfLOwith that choice. I had my hot dog on a toasted roll with a dab o’ nice mayonnaise and topped with kimchi. I was VERY HAPPY!

I’d been a bit worried about ‘overnight’ kimchi and my substituting green for red jalapeños; but I needn’t have – MAN WAS IT GOOD! The fresh ginger adds so much flavor and aroma; and I cut out most of the seeds and the ribs from the jalapeños so it wouldn’t be too hot – just in case.

Dessert followed shortly; Hazelnut Toffee and Chocolate Mousse. The toffee was tasty, and the mousse rather nice, but a bit soupier than I had hoped – I’m trying an experiment with the leftovers tonight and will post the recipe and results on Monday.

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