My Failed (but still tasty) Chocolate Mousse

ChocolateMousseSoftbfLOMy Aunt Buzz had an INCREDIBLE recipe for chocolate mousse – and it was dead simple to make as well.

So simple, in fact, that I made it often; adapting it with white chocolate instead of semisweet, swapping out liqueurs to suit the season or my mood; mixing it all up with the wild abandon of youth. Of course, I made it so often that I got a bit tired of serving it and ChocolateMousseFrozenToffeebfLOstashed the recipe away to be pulled out at a later time. Now, of course, that later time is here, and my aunt’s recipe has gone missing.


Undeterred, I went to da Google, thinking that surely someone had to have offered up this dead simple blender recipe for rich and tasty mousse au chocolate. No dice. I have yet to locate THE recipe – which called for chocolate chips and strong, hot coffee and a dash or six of rum and a blender, among other things. I did find some that looked to be close, and tried the one I thought came nearest to my recollection. It came out tasting like rum-spiked, melted  chocolate ice cream – not that that’s necessarily a BAD thing, but I was hoping for a bit more body. I did find, after serving silken chocolate soup to our guests, that stashing it in the freezer overnight yielded a container of, basically rum-spiked, NOT melted chocolate ice cream. I obviously need to continue my search. On the bright side, our guests didn’t mind the texture too, too much – but that may have been partially due to the fact that they’d already nibbled on hazelnut toffee and the last of the oatmeal sammich cookies on top of munchies and hot dogs.

Here’s the recipe, in case you want to try it. Maybe I screwed up by doubling the batch in one blender container – a stupid move, especially when you consider I have a spare container for just such an occurrence. I have plenty of nice Belgian chocolate and good quality eggs, and the festive season is fast approaching – I’ll give it a week or so and make another attempt.

•6 oz. sweet chocolate bits
•2 whole eggs
•3 tbsp very strong hot coffee
•2 tbsp brandy or rum
•3/4 cup scalded milk – I used heavy cream – that could also have been part of the problem

Mix all ingredients in blender at high speed for 2 minutes – I would suggest combining the chocolate and the booze and the eggs first; then pouring the hot coffee and scalded milk through the hole in the lid while the blender is running to avoid having chocolate scrambled eggs.

Pour into 4 (5 ounce) cups and chill, preferably overnight.

Scalded Milk Tips:
Rinse your pan with cold water before adding and heating the milk, keep the heat to medium, and stir attentively for two minutes.

OR Heat the milk in a double boiler and stir occasionally.

OR Heat the milk (with a wooden skewer inserted breaking the surface) in a heat-proof glass container in a microwave oven – I did this – for about a minute.

Remember, if it doesn’t set up – you can pour it all into a covered container and freeze until firm – at the very least you’ll have rich, home made, rum-spiked chocolate ice cream; and really, there could be worse negative outcomes…

UPDATE: I have done a bit of research on my mousse’s failure to coalesce; and came across a similar recipe with the following warning: do not double the recipe; it won’t set properly. *sigh* NOW da Google tells me! Oh well, now I know for next time.

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