Oh, MY, this was terrible!

BadBrocolliVertbfLOIn retrospect, I should have known that one tablespoon of chili powder was too much…

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had a few failures in my time; but this roasted broccoli recipe has got to be in the top three for inedible hot messes – very close to the time I decided to flambé zucchini in grain alcohol (long story and we were young and stoopid – and, besides, it was all Mark’s idea).

ANYWAY, we were having a basic meatloaf for dinner and I thought broccoli would make a nice side dish. I was going to do my usual broccoli with lemon juice and pepper, or maybe a cheese sauce; but then I came across this nice sounding recipe for oven roasted broccoli with olive oil, garlic, chili powder and grill seasoning. Well, as I noted at the beginning of this post, I THOUGHT that 1 tablespoon each of the chili powder and grill seasoning was too much (and DANG IT! I used up the last of my Milwaukee Iron Seasoning from The Spice House on this crud); but it came from a trusted source on da Google so I followed the directions. Bad decision. It’s not that it was spicy hot – we love spicy hot – it’s that it was spicy hot and nasty, baby, NASTY.


Oh well, the meatloaf was good, at least. I was out of ground pork, chicken and turkey, so I combined the ground beef with some hot Italian sausages I de-cased and whizzed in the food processor. It added a lot of fat to the meatloaf, but also a lot of flavor. Hmmm, I think I may need to make a loaf of French bread for meatloaf sammiches…

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