Smokehouse and Fish Monger

CapnPorkysbfLOCaptain Porky’s has been around for ever, and has had consistently great reviews from friends and the media (I first heard of them when they took a ‘Best of’ thing for their lobster roll two years ago). The thing is, they were located in Beach Park – not more than a few miles away – but we just never get over by there; so, I was PSYCHED when they opened this new location on Wadsworth CapnPorkysFishCasebfLORoad and Rte. 41 – just down the hill – definitely in our ‘hood!

Still, it took us until this weekend to actually stop in and check these guys out. Ribs, goat, catfish, frog legs, conch salad, squid, octopus salad, salmon, perch, shrimp – an eclectic assortment to be sure. I was in the mood for a steak of the shark or swordfish variety, but it was not to be. The very nice staff told us that they would be happy to CapnPorkySalmonGrillbfLO CapnPorkySalmonPlatebfLOorder some for us, which would take three days or so, or we could watch for specials on their Facebook page.

Stymied in my taste for shark, we were sold on the freshness of the salmon, to which they added their home made marinade after weighing. The conch and octopus salads were sorely tempting, but it was just we two for dinner last night, and today we’re meeting friends to have brunch and generally slouch about ‘Tosa (ermmm, Wauwautosa) just outside of Milwaukee; maybe next time.


I did it simply; on our indoor grill with sliced lemon and a cherry balsamic glaze we picked up this past spring in Fish Creek brushed on for the last bit of cooking. It cost a fair bit more than the salmon we get at the market; but there was absolutely no comparison in the flavor.

Oh, and their barbecue? Looked and smelled really, REALLY good. They do their smoking on the premises, and I must admit that the baked leg of goat special looked to be quite tasty, but then I’ve always been partial to goat.

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