Baked Reuben Dip

ReubenDipVertbfLOI had promised our friends that I could, no I WOULD, control myself when planning the food for our next game night.

I’d been getting a bit TOO into the food planning and prep for our gatherings – did we really need a half-dozen different munchies before dinner? – so I was really kind of pleased that I kept things simple with fruit, veggies, hummus, and this wonder of gooey, cheesy (in a GOOD way) goodness.

One warning – this recipe does make a quiche-sized appetizer that, while it is really, really tasty, is also really, REALLY rich, so you may want to think about cutting the recipe in half – which would have been just about the perfect size for our latest get together. Hmmm, or… you COULD make it as is, then take the leftovers, toss together some pizza dough, fire up the grill and make a reuben pizza a la the Silo. Mmmmmmm Silo pizza.

OK – back to the dip (with all due thanks to da Google and the nice folks at the Betty Crocker® Kitchens):

•1 pkg (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened
•1-1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese (6 oz) – I used a mix of Swiss and Gruyère
•1/2 cup Thousand Island dressing
•4 oz deli sliced corned beef, chopped – I used Chicago-style, sliced thin
•1/2 cup well-drained sauerkraut

Mix cream cheese, 1 cup of the Swiss cheese, the dressing and corned beef together and spread in pie plate or quiche dish.

Top with sauerkraut and remaining 1/2 cup Swiss cheese –  you can cover well and refrigerate up to 24 hours if desired.

Bake about 15 minutes in a 400º oven, or until bubbly around the edges. Serve hot with pretzel crackers or cocktail bread. Garnish with chives and radishes.

I am only somewhat ashamed to admit that a leftover spoonful, straight from the fridge at midnight, while chilling with a glass of wine and the latest novel is not a bad thing, either.

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