The day after…

TurkeyDayWinebfLOIndeed; it is all truly over – ermmm, except for the dishes –  tho’ I am on the last load – and I wouldn’t be sitting up through THAT if I hadn’t stoopidly decided to run the coffee pot through this last effort o’ the day.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving here on the edge o’ the prairie; we spent the day with family, joined for munchies, dinner and dessert by friends, and ended with the not-so-quiet hum of the dishwasher and a certain cat wanting a LOT of attention.

We began the day with coffee, Kringle, Cherry-Glazed Donut Holes, Coffee Cake, Maple Corn Bread warmed with milk and then drizzled with maple syrup, and more coffee.

The came the newspapers, advertisements, and parades (Chicago’s and New York), followed by a brisk walk in the cool, gray day (not for me, I was puttering with something in the kitchen).

Next came lunch – leftover Mama K’s pizza (OH, so tasty) and an afternoon of Tiki Topple (which Rich’s mom plays to WIN – just so you know).

ThanksgivingAppiesbfLOThen, it was time for munchies: we had (from lower left) Rumaki, assorted olives from the bar at the market, Sweet Heat Almonds, Roasted Artichoke Hearts, Blue Cheese Yogurt Dip, and assorted stuffed peppadew peppers from the market and some nice sliced cucumber. There was also some quite tasty shrimp (we picked up a couple of bags (frozen) last minute from Target) that we served with the barefoot contessa’s cocktail sauce. REALLY – just give up and buy her books – you WANT as well as NEED her recipes for these simple little bits o’ goodness.


I guess you can email me and ask nicely. I might could share.

RoastedBeetSaladbfLOOn to dinner – turkey, gravy, Rich’s Heart Attack Potatoes (I’ll see if he’ll do a post with the recipe), cranberry relish, green beans, roasted beet salad – no real recipe – just drain and rinse two cans of sliced beets, then toss with coarse sea salt and bake at 370º for ten to twenty minutes. Cool, then toss with fresh romaine, chopped red onion, celery, and roasted pecans – then top with chunky blue cheese yogurt dip (used here as a very nice salad dressing) – or, if you prefer, spiced dressing – which is also a really nice choice.

Pie was what was for dessert – pecan, pumpkin, and an apple galette – all with a combination butter/shortening crust.

Now, I just need my bed and my pillow. Happy Day After everyone!

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