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Italian Beef Stuffing

We had a few friends over to celebrate October birthdays and, since it was that weekend, I chose to make dinner an homage to Canadian Thanksgiving. And, truth be told, I figured that it could not hurt to take a … Continue reading

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Sausage Stuffing

So… yeh… this is not, really “stuffing,” because I do not, actually, put it inside the bird on the big day. It is, however, very, very good, and pretty simple to toss together so, why not follow my family’s tradition, … Continue reading

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Best! Bourbon and Brown Sugar Turkey

And so, we again find ourselves on the precipice of Thanksgiving. For many of us in the USA, this is THE day. You do NOT mess around with the food. Great aunt Gertrude may very well make the worst sweet … Continue reading

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Buttermilk Brined Turkey Breast

So. It’s November. Which means, if you live in the USA, you are starting to think about Thanksgiving, and deciding whether you’re gonna make a meal or make a reservation. We’re heading east to spend the week with family, and … Continue reading

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A Mebbe Better Green Bean Casserole

‘Tis the season to plan for feasting, and for many folk, feasting means green bean casserole – you know, that mixture of canned beans and canned soup and canned onions. That’s a whole lotta cans. Which is why, when I … Continue reading

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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 44: Cherry (tomato) Bombs

This week’s Doris Project feature would fit just fine on your feast day table; and it’s easy as crud to put together, too: wrap a cherry or grape tomato with a basil leaf, then wrap ’em both with a bit … Continue reading

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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 43: Texas Caviar

AKA black eyed pea salad, this nifty little dish is cheap and easy (I like that in a salad) to toss together, loaded with teh goodness of beans (well, black eyed peas), and will only improve in flavor as it … Continue reading

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Roast Chicken With Apple, Sage, and Garlic

I wanted to test an idea I had for corn bread and cider stuffing, so decided to make an early Turkey Day inspired dinner. The green beans? Nice, and they will be on our table once the Big Day arrives. … Continue reading

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Green Beans in Apple Cider

I had decided to do a test run for Thanksgiving; I had a nice, whole Amish chicken ready to roast, and a corn bread and sausage stuffing recipe I wanted to try. Now, what to do for a veggie? Beans! … Continue reading

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Parfait! Bacon Wrapped Dates

It doesn’t get much easier – or tastier – than this: dates, wrapped in bacon, then baked in a hot oven until the bacon is cooked through and almost melting into the fruit. Yeh, you could stuff the date with … Continue reading

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