Roast Pork with Honey and Soy Sauce

RoastPorkVertbfLOSunday was a pajama day for us.

The snow wasn’t TOO deep, it wasn’t THAT bitterly cold (yet), and the wind wasn’t TERRIBLY biting; but those three moderate annoyances, when compared to our cheery fire, a good new novel, happy cat and twinkling tree, could not entice me to venture forth any further than out to the driveway for the Sunday Tribune.

I had pulled a roast pork out of the freezer on Saturday, and had been playing around with options for it in my head, when I came across a soy-honey glaze for grilled chops in a Bobby Flay book that Wes had loaned me Saturday night. I made a few additions and reworked it a bit to suit an oven roast, which I think made for a fine meal on a stormy Sunday evening.

•1 boneless pork roast – our market calls it ‘Supreme’
•1/2 cup honey
•1/4 cup soy sauce
•1 onion, chopped
•2 cloves garlic, crushed
•Good pinch of crushed red pepper
•Dash of chives
•Carrots and celery (optional)

Combine the honey and soy sauce with the garlic, crushed red pepper and chives.

Pour over the onion and pork roast in a covered container and mix around a bit coat. Let marinate in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, turning when you think about it.

Bring the roast to room temperature (place the container on the counter for about an hour) and heat the oven to 325º.

Place the pork, fat side up, on a rack in a roasting pan – OR – if you don’t have a rack to fit your roaster, place the pork on a bed of coarsely chopped carrots and celery tops. Pour the marinade and onions over all and bake, uncovered, for about thirty minutes.

Baste with the marinade and juices, then cover and roast another thirty minutes or so, until the roast reaches about 150º on your instant-read thermometer.

Pull from the oven and let rest for fifteen minutes or so.

RoastPork02bfLOSlice and serve. We had ours with yellow rice, leftover three-bean salad, and a simple romaine salad with a new blue cheese dressing recipe I’m trying out – more about THAT tomorrow.

Of course, later that evening, we were catching up with the latest Aarti Party on the DVR, and she was making this KILLER looking green apple and vanilla pork roast.

Oh well, next time…

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