REALLY GOOD Blue Cheese Dressing

BlueCheeseDressingbfLOAs you may know, I like me my blue cheese.

I like it in a salad. I like it on a cracker. Or a chip. Or a chicken wing. As a matter of fact, I have stated before that, in my humble opinion, the chicken wing is merely a delivery device for the blue cheese – usually in the form of my store bought beauty – Marie’s Blue Cheese Dressing.

Maybe not so much anymore.

Over Thanksgiving, I came across a wonderful blue cheese and yogurt dip from the barefoot contessa that also happens to make for a lovely salad dressing. Now I have a simpler option – one that I can make even if I am, for the moment, out of shallots (!).

I came across this recipe on as the dressing for something called Lady and Sons’ Salad – an homage no doubt to Ms. Deen et fils which the nice folk at the network saw fit to publish, but with this disclaimer:

“A viewer, who may not be a professional cook, provided this recipe. The Food Network Kitchens chefs have not tested this recipe and therefore, we cannot make representation as to the results”.


OK (yes, I know I said I’d stop using it – but it’s been, like MONTHS now, OK?) – so, you wanna publish something, but you don’t wanna say whether it’s any good because a ‘professional’ hasn’t pronounced it thus? Sounds kind of whacked to me.

Irregardless. I have gone where Food Network hasn’t, and  can personally assure you that this dressing, coming to us courtesy of Dustin Wall, is WICKED NICE! Especially if you let it sit overnight to allow the flavors to blend. Of course, I’m not a professional, or a Food Network Kitchen Chef, so maybe my opinion doesn’t count.


I DID cut the quantities in half, which yielded a nice half-pint of dressing goodness – more than enough to meet my individual salad and chicken wing needs until our next large dinner, when I can easily toss a fresh, whole batch together.

•3/4 cup mayonnaise
•3 tbsp sour cream
•1/2 lemon, juiced
•Pinch coarse sea salt or seasoned salt
•1 tsp garlic powder
•4 to 8 oz Gorgonzola or blue cheese – try less, then add more as needed to suit your tastes
•2 tbsp red wine vinegar
•1 tbsp buttermilk – no buttermilk? No worries! Try this substitute
•Pinch cracked black pepper

Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl, then transfer to a covered container and allow to rest in the fridge overnight – TRUST ME – you will be REALLY GLAD you did this.

mmmmmmmmmmm blue cheese dressing…

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