Joyeaux Anniversaire… plus a scoop!

JuliaBooksHorizbfLOOn this day in 1963, The French Chef premiered on WBGH Channel 2 in Boston, changing forever the way many Americans approached eating and food.

Being a pinch over 5 years old, I missed it.

In truth, my dad probably wouldn’t have had it on the TeeVee anyway – too many spices, and he hated onions and garlic and all that stuff anyway – once coming to the dinner table in a gas mask (What? You didn’t grow up with spare gas masks, the odd saber, and other assorted military accoutrements in the cellar?) because he’d discovered some garlic I had added to the spare roast beast.

My (admittedly meager) collection of Julia Child books have still been great resources for everything from my favorite way to make peas to Chicken Orloff, my adaptation of Julia’s adaptation (she used turkey) of the classic Veal Prince Orloff.

You can still find some of her programs on Cooking Channel, and I’ll bet during pledge season on your local PBS channel – and I’ll bet if you watch some of them, you’ll find something you NEED to make.

EuroImportsMarch2011I’ve written about the European Imports Sale before – my resource of choice for Belgian chocolate bits, French mustards, pasta, teas, little tidbits, more oils than you EuroImportsbfLOcan shake a stick at, and… STUFF! Stuff you may not be able to find at your local market (or, if you can, you’ll pay a bundle for!) and stuff you didn’t know you needed. Prices are good, service is great, and the assortment varies.

BONUS SCOOP! If you find yourself in the neighborhood March 3, 4, or 5, I’d strongly recommend a visit – we’re planning on heading down with some friends on Saturday, followed by a late lunch/early dinner – OOOH, maybe Penny’s? – and perhaps a visit to a few other city-only spots

And, ermmm, there’s a SECRET EARLY SALE March 1 – but don’t tell anyone.

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