Shirin Polo

ShirinPoloTulipsNicebfLOIn honor of Rich’s mom’s visit, our friends offered a Monday night feast featuring Shirin Polo – Persian Sweet Rice, dried lime stew (Ghormeh Sabzi? – I was too busy enjoying all the lovely treats to check exact names and spelling, so this is what da Google gave me – CORRECTION: Golnaz notes in the comments that the stew was GolnazSaladbfLOKhoresht e Bademjan, and provides a link:, but she has kindly offered to invite us when next she DOES make Ghormeh Sabzi, so that’s all good), and my favorite burnt rice – the OH! so tasty crispy bits from the bottom of the rice pot, gently scooped out whole and served like a frittata.

GolnazTartbfLOPreceded by a tasty mixed salad topped with some home made pomegranate dressing, and followed by one of Golnaz’ famous fruit tarts and tea; we all rolled away from the table for an evening of conversation, laughter, and the search for a proper place to display ‘dear leader’s’ portrait – if you have to ask, you missed a good time 😉

Mamnoon, again, Golnaz and Mehran!

BTW – the Shirin Polo recipe I’ve linked to  above comes from da Google, and is, no doubt, but a pale sreflection of Golnaz’ most excellently fine Persian home cooking – still, couldn’t hurt to try it.

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