Kedgeree!… kinda

KedgereePlatterbfLOUm, yeah.

See, I didn’t use haddock (tho’ salmon IS considered an acceptable substitute); and this was really a quick supper after a day on the road, so I didn’t hard cook and add any eggs to it – but MY! – was it tasty!

Let’s go back to last Thursday evening: I’d SweetChiliSalmonbfLOpulled some salmon filets out of the freezer and tossed together the makings for a sweet chile glaze to brush over the fish and some fresh spinach and scallion in the oven – it’s one of our favorite salmon recipes, and I thought a simple and fairly healthy dinner before a weekend road trip and several dinners out with family would be a GOOD thing.

And you know, it WOULD have been a good thing, but Rich came home from the office, went in to lie down for ‘a bit’ before dinner, BucaSignbfLOand ‘napped’ until six the next morning (!) – so  I found myself with a bunch o’ salmon leftover. Salmon salad for Friday lunch sounded good, but we’d be on the road by then, so I flaked the tasty filets and popped ‘em in a container in the freezer.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon: we’re safely back home after a weekend spent with Rich’s family in Indiana – Mexican food Friday night at one of our favorite spots, Italian on Saturday just around the corner from Monument Circle in Indianapolis (we all highly recommend Buca di Beppo), lot’s of Starbucks visits, and what is known in Rich’s family as ‘Dessert Bar’ – this time around an assortment of cookies (faux madeleines and angeletti), apple galette, and a blueberry cheesecake. On top of all that, add in McD’s for lunch-on-the-road Friday AND Sunday; and I figured our junk food quota had been well and truly reached, and so we would NOT be ordering takeaway for Sunday dinner.

vigo yellow riceEnter the salmon – along with a 16 oz. package of Vigo’s Yellow Rice, a bit of red curry paste, and some frozen green beans.

I pulled the flaked chile glazed salmon from the freezer to the fridge when we got home and settled down to reading the Trib’.

A bit closer to dinner time, I popped 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of butter, and a tablespoon of the curry paste into the rice cooker and plugged it in (our rice cooker is a wonderful, basic model that stays on ‘warm’ when plugged in until you set it to ‘cook’ – so I usually allow time for the butter to melt and combine with any seasonings before I hit ‘cook’ and add the rice).

On to the beans: I added about a pound of tiny French beans (haricot verts) straight from the freezer into a large pot of boiling, salted water for about three minutes – just ‘til they’re a bright, rich green and still a bit crispy. Pull the beans out of the boiling water and plunge immediately into a large bowl of ice water to stop them from cooking. Drain and set aside.

Let’s review:

Water, butter, and curry paste minding their own business in the rice cooker, a 16-oz. bag of yellow rice at the ready.

Green beans blanched, shocked, and drained.

GreenBeansGarlicSauceCookbfLOCooked, flaked chile glazed salmon thawing in the fridge.

OK, let’s get on with the rest of it:

Stir the rice into the water, curry and butter mixture, cover and push ‘cook’ – easy, no?

KedgereePlatebfLOAbout fifteen minutes after pushing that ‘cook’ button, heat 2 tbsp of canola oil in a skillet or wok, add the drained green beans, and stir fry for three to five minutes.

Combine a minced clove of garlic with 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp sweet garlic chile sauce and 1 tsp honey. Add to the green beans and stir fry for another three to five minutes, until the liquid is nearly evaporated.

The rice should be done, so pull the salmon from the fridge and ‘wave it just until hot.

Tumble the rice, beans, and the salmon onto a large serving platter and prepare to amaze your friends and confound your enemies – YES! it is THAT good! Call it kedgeree, or call it what you like, just DON’T call me late for dinner!

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