Today’s haul…

EuroImportsMay2011HorizbfLOand WHAT a haul! We introduced some friends to the wonder that is the European Imports Blowout Sale – three days of bargains from a food distributor/importer held only a few times a year.

I was mostly good this time – I passed on the tinned conch and resisted the goat curry spice packet (and I DO love a good goat curry) in favor of French mustard, sea salt, and fig preserves, sweet Thai chili sauce, English mustard powder, Indian Madras Curry Powder, American grown San Marzano tomatoes (so, San Marzano-like tomatoes, really, but still very nice), and other assorted spices, powders, seasonings, and comestibles to keep us happily entertaining  like crazy for a fraction of what we would’ve spent at any of the three or four main markets I haunt.

PennysNoodlesSignbfLOTrunks nicely stocked, we went off to Penny’s, my favorite noodle place for lunch and a couple of glasses of refreshing Thai iced coffee to wash down the barbecue pork and noodle (also available, strangely enough, as a vegetarian entree – though I opted not to inquire about the vegetarian barbecue pork).

PennysIcedCoffee2011bfLOLunch done, we headed back to the ‘burbs to check out a new-to-me outlet specializing in Hungarian sausages and other European goodies – everything from Fa soaps to German coffee to French cognac in a bottle shaped like Napoleon – which I would have snapped up like a flash if it hadn’t been heckishly pricey.


PennysNoodleBowlbfLOBy now, we needed to take a break from food and food related stuff, so set off to explore this cool fabric outlet I’d heard of. Don found some fabric to make a headboard and Golnaz narrowed down her choices for curtains in the family room and kitchen – then went into the remainders room and found some fun stuff to make a couple of tablecloths. AND we’re back to food…

Next was a visit to Costco and strong debate on the merits and drawbacks of various grills, inspecting (very gently) some $100 bottles of wine, and, finally, dinner and gossip at Sweet Tomatoes (if you weren’t there, we probably talked about you).

Now, I have to make room in the pantry for all these new goodies, put my feet up, and have a sip of some nice, but decidedly NOT $100/bottle wine.

BTW – I promised a few folk a pineapple chicken curry recipe in today’s post but, well, it didn’t happen. Tune in tomorrow, for all the details!

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