Mountain Day(s)!

ShilohCroppedbfLOWe’re hittin’ the road for a few days, and posting COULD be spotty – but here’s a shot of Shiloh, our newest BUZZYFOODS associate – to hold you through until we’re back on schedule.

CodyNapJune2011bfLOA Beagle/Australian Cattle Dog (and maybe a few other things as well) mix, Shiloh and his littermates were found in a junkyard and cared for by the WONDERFUL folk at Animal Education and Rescue before being offered for adoption. We’re bringing him home Sunday afternoon after we get back from Saugatuck – so Cody (who KNOWS something is up) is angling to get in as many naps and as much attention as he can before we become a cat AND dog household. Ermmm, wish us luck with that.

As an interesting aside, we adopted Cody through AEAR in 2009, where, like Shiloh, RescueStampsbfLOhe was the favorite of, and named by, the daughter of his foster family; so we’re feeling like that bit of kismet bodes well for a happy future.

Can’t adopt a pet? No worries! Check out these totally cool new stamps available at your local Post Office featuring former shelter animals – now in forever homes.


But, ermmm, ours our waaay cuter.

Jes sayin’…

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