Hittin’ the Road!

MichiganBridgebfLOErmmm, sadly, current traffic plans do NOT include a trans lake bridge/tunnel from Wisconsin to Michigan (tho’ HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?) – so we’re hoofin’ it AROUND the lake and through the city to reach our destination: a rustic cabin in Saugatuck, bereft of any amenities save central air, cable, WiFi, hot tub, gas grill, washer and dryer…

FrenchCarrotsbfLOYou can imagine how we’ll be roughing it in teh wilderness.

Irregardless, bags are packed, foodstuffs prepared, and an en-route breakfast planned (CB hash and two eggs over-easy on rye toast at Avalon – YUM!).

Oh, and the foodstuffs?

Just a few small things to keep us all from feeling peckish:

PastaSaladbfLOFrench carrots,





WhoopiePiesVanillabfLOPasta Salad,




Whoopie Pies with a
chocolate cream cheese filling,

Whoopie Pies with an
orange vanilla cream filling,

and assorted cheese, crackers, stuff and cocktail fixin’s.

I somehow doubt we’ll starve…

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