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MusselsbfLOThis plate o’ bivalve-y goodness is Mussels Monoldo – my dinner yesterday evening at the above named cafe in downtown Douglas, Michigan.


CarpacciobfLOWhite wine, Dijon, shallot, LOTS of garlic, tomato and basil – all topped with three hefty slices of garlic bread – all served around fresh, FRESH! Prince Edward Island mussels (so fresh, you’ll want to slap ’em!).

I was a happy camper.

We began dinner with this tasty (AND ATTRACTIVE) plate of carpaccio (yes, I know it’s raw beef, I don’t care, it is sooooo good!) sprinkled with capers, asparagus, truffle oil  and shaved cheese. Heaven on a plate.

TunaRichbfLORich had this sesame crusted tuna which was also no slouch…

All in all – ALL enjoyed their dinner selections – washed down, in the case of Mark and I, with a nice glass o’ Malbec.

We will be back.

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