EarlsTABbfLOBerry Farm or Farm Market – I care not – as long as they had The STUFF!

Earl’s place by the side of the road (Blue Star Highway in Fennville, MI, to be precise) was our last stop before hitting the freeway and heading home. It wasn’t too, too crowded on this lovely, sunny Saturday afternoon; there were folk out and about picking strawberries in the FivePepperStuffGoodbfLOfields around the market building, but we rolled right up to the front door and went in search of the Five Pepper Hot Sauce Bob and I had just decided over brunch that life would be incomplete without. As it turned out – they had just a bit…

I opted for two of the medium sized bottles, and a jar of the jelly – fretting a bit about our VERY full car and the possibility of my running out of this now most treasured of condiments.

We also picked up some lovely corn on the cob and low-acid yellow tomatoes.

ChopsCornPotatoesbfLOEarls definitely does berries, and mebbe he did some of the produce (tho’ I think it a bit early for corn and tomatoes in Michigan, and I am pretty positive the bananas weren’t locally grown). The YellowTomatoBLTbfLOpepper sauce is labeled as ‘made for Earl’s’, so I doubt it is a local product either.

Don’t care.

The tomatoes were WONDERFUL with some fresh romaine, a bit of sliced onion, and maple roasted bacon – I had planned to make a loaf of French bread, but puppy prep got me distracted. A bit of white sammich bread (I had a coupon), toasted, did just fine. And the corn?

Slathered in seasoned butter, rolled in foil, and tossed on the grill along with some potatoes and some chops – YUM!

EarlsTablebfLOSuffice it to say that if Earl’s were more in my neck o’ the woods, I would be making major use of the frequent shopper card they gave us – 10 purchases of $15 or more and you get free stuff – or something like that, I was in a Five Pepper Sauce stupor at the time and may not recall details properly.

One thing I DO recall clearly, is that the very nice folk at Earl’s maintain a web site to keep you apprised of what’s doin’ in Fennville, and – more importantly – where you can order THE stuff. YAY!

My urge to start hoarding Five Pepper Hot Sauce (also known as my preciousssss) has been vanquished…

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  1. Dan says:

    As one who Came to the I pad in search of Earls five pepper sauce as my first any only bottle ran dry tonight, I can identify with your hankeren for this stuff. I went to great lenghts to find my Everdae habenaro sauce (bought 6 bottles once I found it) and this is another great one sans the sweetness. Thanks, I will look for the website!

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