LobsterOmeletbfLOYou know, aside from that ONE experience (you know, going for lunch to the big place on the water with the ‘famous’ ‘big-restaurant-name’ burger/chicken/shrimp/cocktail/pretzels food), we did not have a bad meal on our short trip to Michigan.

ZingSignbfLOEveryday People was lovely, Wild Dog Grille wickedly tasty, Toulouse très magnifique as always; but our last dining experience of the trip was, perhaps, my favorite.

Recommended to us by ‘Walter the Wonderful’ at one of the shops in downtown Douglas, we decided to try Zing! on our way out of town. The weather had finally broken, and with the clear blue skies to, we decided to breakfast on the terrace.

Rich had Eggs Benedict with Zingy potatoes, and he was happy.

Don had, well, to be honest, I don’t recall TableEarlsbfLOwhat Don had; but it had a nice dab o’ guacamole on it and he, too was happy.

Bob and I ordered the lobster, spinach, and goat cheese omelet with cheezy potatoes (I had mine with sourdough, Bob with English muffins), and we were both VERY happy. YUM! Being one of those folk who likes his breakfast dishes with a bit of a kick, I had asked for some Tabasco to go with my omelet, and was obliged.

The very nice, friendly, and imminently capable waitress also brought us a well-used bottle of Five Pepper Sauce from Earl’s Farm Market along with the Tabasco and strawberry jam.

Five Pepper Hot Sauce? THIS, I had to try, and MAN! am I glad I did. Hot? Yes. But also loaded with vinegar-ry tangy, tasty goodness. Breakfast was really, really good – but THIS STUFF ROCKED!!!!!!!

Zing is new this year, so they don’t yet have a proper web page, but you can find ‘em on the facebook, and they’re right on Blue Star Highway just across from the Dunes in Douglas if you go looking for it (and you should).

Earl’s Farm Market is findable, too.

With da Google and the iPhone map app, we discovered it to be right on our way to the freeway – how convenient!

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