Teriyaki Strip Steaks

CandlelightJuly2011VertbfLOYeah, I know the picture doesn’t much look like a strip steak, teriyaki or otherwise; but, well, stuff HAPPENS.

What happened around about our place yesterday was the biggest power outage we’ve had in, like, FOREVER.

Mebbe it was the heat. Mebbe the humidity. Mebbe some transformer (no relation or tie-in to that, ermmm, movie by that guy is intended or meant – but now that I think of it; HMMMM) somewhere decided Friday afternoon on a summer holiday weekend was a really good time to go BOOM!

I dunno.

All I know is that sometime a bit after five everything went dark.

Well, except for the sun and stuff.

I mean that the AC went out, the electric grill in the kitchen I had heating up for the steaks quit, and – HORRORS! – the ice maker stopped making ice (I don’t care to live in a world without ice).

What to do?

Rich thought that mebbe dinner was toast, but I reminded him of that big honkin’ thing we have out on the deck with the ‘Weber’ label on it…

StripSteaksMarinadebfLOLight dawns over Marblehead (this makes much more sense if you’re from, or familiar with, Massachusetts and its geography).

Luckily, I had my new take on an Asian-ish salad in the fridge, and potatoes already well and truly baked in the oven; so all that was needed to complete dinner was to open the not too, too bad bottle of Malbec we’d picked SteaksGrillbfLOup cheap (cheaply? – I didn’t feel any worse about myself afterwards) at Trader Joe’s, and to toss the steaks on a grill (or other heat source) of some sort.

Unlike Bob’s mightyfine Mr Yoshida concoction, I had gone simple: remove two strip steaks from the freezer, thaw those puppies a bit, and then pour a bottle of Lawry’s Teriyaki over all and let ‘em sit for a few hours in the fridge.

CandlelightbfLORich fired up the Weber, then applied a bit of olive oil to the grill bars before tossing on the steaks (which I’d brought up to room temp).

Grill for four to five minutes per side, then add a bit more of the teriyaki marinade and do one more quick flip to get that perfect bit o’ char.


Well prepared steaks, a nice salad (more on THAT soon), baked potatoes – just a touch on the crispy side, a light (if muggy) breeze coming through the open windows, an OK bottle of wine, and Rich.

Who cares if the power was out?

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