Foil-Packet Grilled Potatoes

FoilPacketPotatoesVertbfLOYukon Gold potatoes, peppers, onion, herbs, a bit of spice, and some olive oil – PERFECT on the grill – right?

Yeah – mostly.

I like my potatoes with a bit of a crisp and a crunch to ‘em, so thought I’d play around with this basic foil-packet concept and see if it could be made more better – with really tasty, but not so crispy, results.

This isn’t a recipe as much as it is a suggestion – ingredients and quantities will depend on what you have on hand and how much you think you’ll want to make.

Potatoes – I used Yukon Gold, roughly chopped

Onion – one or two, roughly chopped

Peppers – I used one each, red and yellow, roughly – you get the idea…

PeppersOnionRoastedbfLOSeasonings – I used some fresh chives, parsley, and basil from teh Garden, along with some chopped scallions, salt and pepper

Olive Oil

My idea (and I could swear I saw it somewhere on Food Network, but don’t ask me what show) was to pre-bake the potatoes, onion, and peppers before we wrapped ‘em in foil and grilled ‘em; so I PotatoesFoilPacketbfcleaned and roughly chopped a bunch o’ potatoes, seasoned them lightly with salt and pepper, and popped ‘em in a 350º oven for about thirty minutes. I did the same with the onion and peppers – adding a dab of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to the salt and pepper toss.

PotatoesPlatebfLOI went off and did other BUZZYFOODS things… DING! Potatoes and peppers a bit roasted, I pulled them out of the oven and set them aside to cool while I slather some spiced butter onto some corn cobs and wrap ‘em in foil.

Fast forward to later that same day: the grill is heated to 350º to 400º, and we’re ready to begin dinner. The corn is ready for grilling – all that’s left is the potato packet.

Toss the potatoes, peppers, and onions together with whatever other seasonings you like and a bit of olive oil in the middle of a good sized sheet of aluminum foil. Fold the foil over to make a packet and toss on the grill.

About twenty-five minutes should do it – conveniently enough, the same amount of time it takes the corn.

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